“Feruze is a wonderful counselor. She is very considerate and caring with sensitive issues, and uses compassion, humor, and understanding to establish trust and a solid working relationship with patients. After a year of consistent work with Feruze, I feel much more confident in living with my ongoing stress and grief. Working with Feruze helped me a gain a better understanding of my own emotional patterns and history, and I feel much more empowered to consider myself and my feelings in the moment.”

“Our daughter has been working with Feruze for several months and we couldn’t be happier.  Feruze’s patient, kind approach has helped our daughter open up and share things that she was holding back.  It’s been great for our teen to have someone to talk to who can provide another perspective that supports our parenting and her growth.  We would highly recommend Feruze for family counseling, especially with teenagers.”

“Our family has benefitted so much from Ms. Zeko’s holistic and compassionate approach to psychotherapy. She has been able to help our child work on behavioral issues by creating a safe space and sense of trust that does not come easy. As parents, she has provided us with insight, guidance, resources and comfort.”